Comments from guests and friends

Mayumi has done a superb job as an interpreter at the symposium. She perfectly understood the purpose and goal of this symposium and translated the lecture correctly. I am sure all the audience as well as the lecturers were satisfied with her translation work. But for her support, the conference would not have been successful.

  - Professor and conference coordinator for International Symposium on     Entrepreneurship held in Osaka, Japan in May through July 2011.




I have known Mayumi for several decades (during our university studies in USA we shared a house) and I can assure you that she is responsible, intelligent, resourceful, and dependable. She does fulfil the stereotypical Japanese traits of diligence, reliability, and politeness. She is a thoughtful and faithful friend, and, as the balanced human that she is, she cultivates her body, mind, and spirit. Mayumi has travelled and lived in different countries, and is very proud of her Japanese heritage, so she will likely be a knowledgeable and lively interpreter/guide to visitors to Japan.

  - Cecilia Vargas, a long-time and very good friend from Pittsburgh,           USA, now a Vancouver, Canada, resident




I used to be a director of public affairs for American Express Japan, and Ms. Mayumi Otsuji reported to me.  She was the only Japanese person I kept in touch with, by phone and e-mail, and was a very good friend.  I found her to be intelligent, sweet, honest, serious, practical, and busy all the time.  As a tour guide interpreter, she would determine the best cultural events for you (as you see fit), how to get there, what route to take, etc., and then go.  Shes quite serious, so I like that!  I would definitely recommend her.

  - Lisa M. Skoog de Lamas, Tokyo, Japan