For Kansai visitors-Kansai Overview

The Kansai region is the cultural and historical heart of Japan with 11% of its land area and over 22 million residents.  The Kink Plain with the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara forms the core of the region, from there the Kansai area stretches west along the Seto Inland Sea towards Himeji, where a magnificent Himeji Castle, one of the World’s Cultural Heritages and tourists’ must-see spots in Japan, is located and east encompassing Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest freshwater lake.

The area also contains six of the seven top prefectures in terms of national treasures. In addition, there are five sites out of 19 registered by UNESCO as the world’s cultural heritage, namely, historical monuments of ancient Kyoto, historical monuments of ancient Nara, Buddhist monuments in the Horyu-ji Temple area, sacred sites of Kii-Sanchi and pilgrimage routes, and Himeji Castle. 

The Kansai region displays many features: the culture in Kyoto, the mercantilism of Osaka, the history of Nara, or the cosmopolitanism of Kobe.  



Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara are all the ancient capitals of Japan. In 2011, Osaka was ranked 12th along with Geneva in the “Livability Ranking Overview” issued by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a British research agency, and a top of the Asian cities. Tokyo was ranked 18th. EIU issues this ranking of cities in the world in terms of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.



In terms of people, Kansai residents are seen as being pragmatic, entrepreneurial, down to-earth and possessing a strong sense of humor.  One should not forget to mention about food. Osaka is considered to be a kitchen of Japan! There are a variety of restaurants, authentic Japanese restaurants,Italian or

French, most of which chef have polished their cooking skills in Italy or France, as well as Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, or other ethnic food restaurants, “okonomiyaki” a  pancake-looking Osaka delicacy with meat, seafood and shredded cabbage, “takoyaki”, “yakitori”, “kushikatsu”, the skewed and deep-fried vegetables, sea food, and meat, and udon or soba

noodle shops, and many inexpensive local mama’s and papa’s restaurants. The list of restaurants is endless.


There are three oldest “onsen” hot spring reposts in Kansai, including Arima onsen hot spring in Hyogo prefecture, Shirahama onsen hot spring in Wakayama prefecture, and Dogo onsen hot spring in Shikoku island nearby Kobe.

They all are accessible about two to four hours drive from the center of the cities in Kansai.

So, for history, food, culture, and entertainment lovers and those who are keen on refreshing themselves, the Kansai is an area to spend their valuable time for their holiday!!  There are also many hotels and Japanese ryokans which give excellent services to tourists.



Kansai is accessible from Kansai airport, Osaka International airport (Itami airport), and Kobe airport. Shinkansen bullet train is a convenient transportation to or from Tokyo to this region 2 hours and 30 minute ride from Tokyo. Hiroshima is 1 hour and 45 minute shinkansen ride from Osaka. Kyushu is also accessible via Shinkansen or airlines.


So come and see Kansai! Let me assist you to create an unforgettable memory while visiting Japan!  For any inquiries or reservation,

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