Customer Comes First.

This is a working principle I learned from the company I worked when I was younger, which I still cherish.

Customer satisfaction is a priority on my list when I serve customers. “Omotenashi” is a Japanese word which represents the act of providing detailed service in a variety of ways to allow guests to spend a relaxing and memorable time by putting customers first.

“Omotenashi” is translated into “hospitality”.

But it actually means something more.

To Japan which is scarce in natural resources and land, high technology, niche business, and human essence are three major values that the Country can mobilize to remain on a world stage.

To Japanese, "omotenashi" means not just hospitality in the usual sense, but "something more akin to an elevated politeness that makes customers feel valued and respected”.

I will provide an English tour guide service satisfactory to the tourists by optimizing allocation of the resources available.

At the company I mentioned earlier, there was a worldwide employee award named “Customer Service Award”.

The customer service award is to me the smiles and words of appreciation I get from my customers. 

So please help me accumulate these awards by serving you as a tour guide in Japan!