Mayumi Otsuji

Certified tour guide/conference interpreter/translator and  translation teacher


Born in Osaka. After graduating from Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts , I worked for a period of one year at this college as an assistant to professors at the Department of English. Then, pursued the graduate study at Graduate School of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (obtained MA in linguistics) and Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh (obtained MA in public and international affairs).in the United States.


After finishing the graduate programs, joined the United Nations Development Programs.

As a junior program analyst, supported compilation of development report to be submitted to UN General Assembly. After two years at UN, returned to Japan and joined American Express International, Inc. (Japan) in Tokyo in 1986. At American Express, duties included public relations, executive assistance, planning and implementation of corporate responsibility programs, local community programs, employee communications and customer service training. Due to the great Hanshin earthquake in January 1995, returned to Osaka and spent one year before starting at Amway Japan in November 1996. Luckily, I had an opportunity to work as program coordinator to promote Amway’s Nagano Olympic sponsorship and so expanded a professional and human network with many people from around the world. Also worked at Merrill Lynch Japan Securities as Strategic and Employee Communications Manager.


While currently working as a tour-guide and conference interpreter and translator, I teach translation course at Simul Academy, a prestigious language school and as an in-house translator at a foreign affiliated auditing and consulting company in Osaka. 


I love to travel myself. I have visited many places including Australia, France, Canada, China, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, United States, Vietnam, and more. I am a reliable and active person. I love to do yoga and walking. I used to tap dance as well!

So I look forward to assisting you with your travel in Japan, especially Kansai region!

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Membership affiliations

Japan Federation of Certified Guides

Japan Guide Association

Institute for Japanese Cultural Exchange and Experience  

Kansai Interpreter and Guide Association