Mayumi Otsuji

Interpreter and Translation Services

(English to Japanese/Japanese to English)


Experience as interpreter:

  Simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpreting

     Electronic and entrepreneur symposium

    Patent reform seminar

    World cocktail trend seminar

     Symposium on brain science

     Symposium on UN Conference on Women

     Collective seminar for foreign candidates of certified nurse

     Negotiation at US Consulate General between vice consul and building owner

     Wholesale industry  -business meeting, meetings between executives and

     customers, employee meeting, etc.

      Credit card industry  -interpreting and assisting for a foreign president at 

                                     the conference at Japan Card Association

                                    -interpreting the speech by the President at employee


     Heavy chemical industry  -factory inspection tour     

     Oil industry                    - office tour and site inspection, maintenance and

                                            management workshop

     First food chain industry  - introduction and training of new cooking method

     Cosmetic industry          - demonstration and training

     Department store           - business meeting and training

     Golf course maintenance   - staff meeting between agronomist and golf

                                              course staff and staff training

     Amusement park industry  - marketing meeting

     Others: foreign speaker tour attend, meet-and-assist, tour guiding;

                series of collective seminar for foreigncandidates of certified nurse


                collective seminar for foreign candidates of care worker;

                seminar on entrepreneurship;

                attending business trip by medical professionals, etc.


Translation service:

Area of specialty

Finance (Securities and Credit Card Industry, Pension Fund, Financial/Annual Report, IFRS and others), macroeconomic report, management, corporate governance, compliance, production management, quality control, supply chain management, personal information protection, labor relations, safety assurance, maritime security, overseas investment, environment (global warming, energy saving, alternative energy), international politics, international cooperation, electricity, manufacturing, esthetic /cosmetic industry, golf course/sports stadium maintenance and management.


Format and area of translation:

Securities analyst report, economic white paper, financial statement, overseas investment project report, company profile, contract, conference materials, speech draft, presentation materials, business letters, PR materials and news release, internal personnel information, company newsletter, meeting minutes, newspaper/journal articles, employee training manual, interview articles, product information, user literature, membership rules, etc.