Omotenashi model tour plan

Tours can be custom-made to satisfy your curiosity, either walking or using a

public transportation, limousine or taxi. 


Modern Osaka Walking Tour Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy Osaka’s retro architecture and places of historical interest

 Suggested walking spots are gathered in Yodoyabashi, Honmachi, and Kitahama, so-called “Kita” (north area of Osaka), and see the retro architecture such as Osaka City Central Public Hall, Osaka Central Library, Osaka Branch of Bank of Japan, the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka, Tekijuku (Ogata Koan College of Dutch Studies).

Lunch     Okonomiyaki(Japanese pancake) in Ohatsu tenjin street

Bank of Japan Osaka Branch Old Building

The neo-Renaissance building of the Osaka Branch of Bank of Japan was built in 1903. It was designed by the famous architect Dr.Tatsuno Kingo who designed the building of the Tokyo Station. In 1980-1982, a large scale-repairing and extending works were


Osaka  City Central Public Hall

A Neo-Renaissance building made of red brick that was built between 1916 and 1918 with funds donated by the stockbroker Einosuke Iwamoto.



The Museum of Oriental Ceramics

Housed and displayed here are over 2,700 items from China and Korea, including works of art designated as national treasures and important cultural assets.